Kladruber horse

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Our team

František Ošťádal



Gabriela Ošťádalová

head of breeding, member of the Kladruber Horse Studbook Council


Gábina is the heart and the soul of the farm. She has a natural talent for choosing the perfect parent pairs. She knows the horses very well and she can spend long hours talking about each and every one of them. Her dream is to get the Kladruber horse back to the spotlight of the dressage sport, where they rightly belong.

Tomáš Jirák

horse keeper, rider


Tom loves working with horses which you can see not only on him but on them as well. He cares for his wards with love, calmness and patience. The graduate of Kladruby Apprentice School constantly works on himself and studies riding and horsemanship, so the horses he oversees can perform great and so they make their future owners happy as well.

Veronika Josefiová

groom, rider


Michal Žák

groom, carriage driving


Kristýna Šmídová

international sales, social media


Kristýna is in charge of social media content, web page, communication and international sales. She is an active rider passionate about classical dressage. Horses of JS Maneo have totally stolen her heart.