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We continue the almost 450 years long lasting tradition. The Maneo Riding Stable is our pride and joy.

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Meet the Kladruber horse

Meet the Kladruber horse, an aristocrat with unique features and with a high cultural and historical value.

The Kladrubers are among the rarest horse breeds in the world. With only about 1800 individuals, the population of Kladruber horses is one of rarest and smallest of horse populations.

The breeding of these magnificent horses has one of the longest traditions. Horses are bred systematically in accordance with strict criteria since the mid-16th century.

The emphasis is put on the exterior and performance of the horse as well as on its character and temperament, which is what makes the Kladruber horse a reliable partner used for ceremonial purposes, in various sports or in police services.

Originally bred as highly valued horses meant for nobility, high-level church officials or the imperial court, nowadays, the Old Kladrubers are not only used in dressage, harness or combined driving but also for baroque or recreational riding. They can also be part of mounted police forces or fulfil the role of ceremonial and representative galakrossier, pulling the coach at official events.

The Kladruber horses are known for their lively temperament and composed character. They are easy to control, open to learning, hardworking and willing to cooperate with people. The horses are remarkably well adapted to diverse environments.

In JS Maneo we specialize in breeding black Kladrubers mainly used for dressage.

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We would like to offer you assistance with finding the right Kladuber for you – in our herd or within other Czech breeders.

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