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Our breeding

If you’re curious about the reasons behind our enthusiasm for breeding the noble Kladruber horse, the answer would be love for horses and pride. We are proud, that such an excellent horse breed originated here in Bohemia. And last but least, a purely prosaic reason – we really like its looks.

The basic criteria for a stud horse’s selection for us means:

Movement mechanics

we put emphasis on future dressage use of our horses


we wish to preserve and promote the trademark features of a Kladruber horse



we aim to breed beautiful horses with a functional built


character traits of the Kladrubers are their greatest quality

Horse-breeding is our passion, that is why we happily provide them with maximum comfort. Vast pastures, splendid stud farm facilities, high-quality horse feed and daily care for each one of them is natural and goes without saying.

Foals have enough space to play with others, however they are in contact with people from a young age. We work with them, so they get accustomed to all the manipulation and acquire the essential manners.

Young horses are backed only when they reach 3.5 years of age. The Kladruber is a late-maturing breed, fully growing up at 6 years of age, which we take into consideration. Horses are backed gently, we tailor the work for them according to their individual needs, so they mature into self-confident and reliable riding horses. Our farm grounds have a fine riding arena with a top floor covering, lungeing hall and diverse terrains in the area around the farm as a bonus.

All our horses we keep for breeding purposes need to pass demanding performance tests held under the patronage of National Stud Kladruby nad Labem.





Foals and Young Horses


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